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What Is Family Law?

Family law is an extensive section of legal practice which includes the following:

Divorce — When a marriage ends, it can be a long and painful process, especially if there are children involved. Kentucky’s specific divorce laws can be confusing at best, so you need an experienced attorney on your side to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Mediation can help keep many issues out of the courtroom and prevent the divorce from dragging out.

Annulment — Annulment dissolves a marriage as a divorce does, however annulment treats the marriage as if it never happened.

Child Custody — A custody hearing will determine the primary parent with whom a child will reside during and after a divorce.

Child Visitation — Visitation is vital for the non-custodial parent so that a relationship can be maintained with the child or children. Visitation days and times will be determined during a custody hearing if the parents cannot agree on a schedule themselves, that keeps the best interests of the child in mind.

Child Support — Child support is typically ordered by the court to be paid by the non-custodial parent and is determined by several factors including state guidelines, the income of both parents, and the needs of the child.

Spousal Support — Also called alimony, spousal support can be ordered in a divorce case if one of the spouses requests it, and the court deems it appropriate.

Adoption — Adoption presents its own sets of laws and processes for which you need a family attorney to help guide you through the stages.

Guardianship — When both parents are unable to care for a child for any reason, guardianship can be established, and is typically done with another close family member.

Domestic Violence — In cases of domestic violence, your safety is the primary concern, as is ensuring it cannot happen again.

Many people believe they can fully represent themselves in a court of law. However, there are webs of laws that can become difficult to decode, and missing just one small thing can mean the difference between a win or a devastating loss.

Contact C. David Keen, Attorney at Law, of Bowling Green, KY whenever you have a need for a seasoned family law specialist, and I will be there for you through every step of the process. It doesn’t have to be a battle. My Christian values put you and your family’s needs first. You will notice the difference!