Adoption Law

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Adoption Law - Adding A New Family Member

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If you are considering adoption, or are in the process of an adoption, let me first say, congratulations! Welcoming a new child into the family is a beautiful event that changes lives, especially that of the child in need of a loving, stable environment.

While we wish it could be a shorter process, adoption law complications and loopholes often make adopting a child tricky and drawn out. While federal adoption law sets the standards for adoption in the United States, each state also sets its own companion laws, both to comply with federal restrictions and to become eligible for funding. I can help you find and utilize all the state-based resources as well as federal resources to move the adoption along smoothly.

What You Need To Know First:

Adoption Methods — Adoption happens in one of two ways — through an agency, or an independent contact. If a public agency is facilitating the adoption, the birth parents have already given up their parenting rights. Private adoptions typically mean the birth parents are looking for more suitable guardians for their child.

Who Can Adopt? — Alongside federal guidelines, Kentucky has its own adoption law requirements. Sometimes, the state may find single, mentally or physically disabled adults ineligible to adopt. Those with criminal backgrounds or unstable employment are also most often denied for adoption.

If you have any questions about your qualifications to become an adoptive parent or need help through a process that has already begun, call me, C. David Keen, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation. I serve Bowling Green, KY, and all of Warren County with extensive knowledge and experience in adoption law and am here to help make your family whole with a new adoption.