Family Law

Family Law is extensive and complicated, as is each individual case.

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Family Law

Divorce Law

Adoption Law

Family Law | C. David Keen Attorney at Law

Many people believe they can fully represent themselves in a court of law. However, there are webs...

Divorce Law | C. David Keen Attorney at Law

Family life is filled with highs and lows that can either enhance or break down the family dynamic. When...

Adoption Law | C. David Keen Attorney at Law

If you are considering adoption, or are in the process of an adoption, let me first say, congratulations!...

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Family Law is extensive and complicated, as is each individual case. When it comes to any family law issues, you need an attorney on your side with a proven track record. You need an attorney you can trust to represent you in your case, with the goal of getting you the best results possible. If you are in Bowling Green, KY, or anywhere in Warren County, call me, C. David Keen, Attorney at Law. You will receive representation with over two decades of specialized experience in:

• Family Law — Includes all areas of Divorce, Adoption, Custody, Spousal and Child Support, and other factors.

• Divorce Law — Facilitation of Mediation is recommended in every case to shorten the divorce proceedings and ensure the needs of every family member are met.

• Adoption Law — Includes determination of eligibility to adopt, state and private adoptions, and open and closed adoptions.

Other areas of practice include:

• Child Custody
• Visitation Rights
• Wills
• Juvenile Law
• Civil Litigation
• Bankruptcy
• Probate
• Personal Injury
• Social Security

While Family Law is my main concentration, I have also successfully practiced in these other areas since 1993 and am here to help you with your legal needs. I attribute my years of successful practice to my Christian values and utmost respect for my clients and their families. Above and beyond a thorough understanding of the surrounding laws, faith and integrity are my founding principles. My goal: Meeting the unique needs of families in crisis. Contact me today for the help and legal guidance you need.